Frequently Asked Questions


Is the 2022 AEC in Spokane cancelled and moving Virtual?​

No, the AEC is currently scheduled to take place in Spokane, Washington June 28 – July 1, 2022. NEHA is currently planning a virtual component to compliment the in-person conference.  

Will the same educational content be available in-person and virtual? ​

The in-person option will allow for the greatest variety in educational content. Attendees will have the ability to earn comparable hours of Continuing Education (approximately 24 CE’s), however there will be fewer options available virtually. All live in-person keynote sessions will be livestreamed to the virtual platform. The exact number of in-person and virtual sessions will be determined in early 2022.

Will attendees have access to on-demand content following the live conference?

Both in-person and virtual attendees will have on-demand access to recorded in-person and virtual educational sessions for 6 months. 

Will virtual attendees have the ability to ask questions?

Yes, the virtual audience will be able to ask questions at virtual sessions and at the limited livestreamed sessions.


When will registration open? 

Registration is now open! Visit our registration page to register. 

What are the registration fees for in-person and virtual attendees be? 

The registration fee for in-person an virtual attendees is the same. View our registration page for all the different registration options. 

Will I have the option to switch my registration from in-person to virtual or virtual to in-person? 

Yes, there will be the option to switch your registration before the live conference.

Can I invoice my registration and pay with a check?

Yes, at the payment screen of the registration form, you can select the "Pay Later" option to place your order and generate an invoice to your account. To find the invoice and print, you'll follow the steps below:

  1. In you MyNEHA account, go to My Profile
  2. Click the Account tab
  3. Click the Order History tab
  4. Click the Invoice tab
  5. Click the Invoice # and the invoice will open in a new tab. Download and print from there.

Can I register for a pre-conference event only?

Yes, you can register for a pre-conference event without registering for the entire conference. You'll follow the link to register and from the registration options, choose "Workshop and Event Registration Only". 

How do I add more social event tickets to my registration?

You can add more social event tickets by following the link to register and from the registration options, choose "Workshop and Event Registration Only". 

I can no longer attend the conference and need to cancel, how do I cancel?

To cancel your regsitration, please log into your MyNEHA and follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Events tab
  • Click My Events
  • Click on the 2022 AEC
  • Click Cancel Registration
  • Complete the form and submit in order for NEHA to process your cancellation and refund

Group Registration

VIEW Group Registration Guide

How can I register a group?

To regsiter a group, you'll need to first be linked to your organization.

  • If you are linked to your organization, when you are brought to the registration page, you'll be prompted right away if you would like to register yourself or a group. You'll select the group option and proceed to complete the registration for all attendees in your group.
  • If you are NOT promopted to choose if you are registering for yourself or a group, contact us so that we can get you linked - aec@neha.org 

Why wasn't I prompted to register a group?

Your account must be linked to an organization in order to register a group. Please contact aec@neha.org with assistance linking to an organization. 

Does everyone in my group need to have a MyNEHA profile?

No, only the person registering the group is required to have one.

I’ve entered the information for each member of my group on the registration form, why is the link to continue is still greyed out?

You must enter the required information for all members of your group to continue. Make sure all fields are filled out and enter information in any blank fields in order to continue.

I have 5 or more individuals in my group, but the total hasn’t updated.

You receive a free registration for every five people in your group. The discount will not be reflected in your total until you get to the checkout screen of the process. On this screen, you will see the discount in your order and the total will update.

I haven’t received a receipt or order confirmation for my registration.

The order confirmation will be sent from myneha@neha.org. Please check your spam or trash folder for your order confirmation. If you still can’t find it, you can either contact us and we can send you a new copy, or follow the steps below to print one from your MyNEHA account.

  1. Log into your MyNEHA account
  2. Click the profile icon in the top right corner of the home page
  3. Click My Profile
  4. Click My Account
  5. Click View Account History
  6. Click linked Order #
  7. Click Payments
  8. Click the linked Payments #
  9. Receipt will open in a new window and can be printed/downloaded


Am I required to register for the conference?  

YES. All presenters are required to register for the conference

Can I get registration fees waived as a presenter?  

We anticipate over 200 presenters who not only present but also attend our other educational sessions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounted registration to so many presenters. We also encourage collaboration and attendance to our other educational sessions, so presenters not only spread their knowledge but also gain value from other presenters.  

Will speakers have the option of presenting in-person or virtual? 

Speaker have already selected whether they will be presenting in-person or virtually. 

Can I as a speaker change from virtual to in-person or from in-person to virtual?

At this time we anticipate over 200 educational sessions across the two formats and are unable to accomodate switches for presenters. 

When will I be notified of the exact date, time and location for a presentation?

Presenters will be notified by the end of March.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

What if I already purchased an Exhibit Booth for 2022?

There will be no change to the in-person exhibit hall. At this time, the virtual component will be exclusively for educational content and there will be no virtual exhibit hall.  

For more information on the AEC, please e-mail AEC@neha.org.