Food Industry and Regulators Getting a New Recipe for Food Safety

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Release Date: 
February 19, 2015

DENVER--- The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) has several new resources to help both food safety regulators and industry professionals stay informed and educated on the changes coming to the food safety. With the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalizing their plan to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and a Capitol Hill proposal to create a single federal food safety agency, 2015 is shaping up to be an important year for food safety professionals to stay updated and informed.


Retail food establishments can take advantage of a new, online learning opportunity. As part of an FDA partnership, NEHA recently recorded a live version of its popular Industry-Foodborne Illness Investigation Training & Recall Response (I-FIIT-RR) workshop designed specifically for chefs, quality assurance/quality control, managers, and owners of restaurants, grocery stores and other retail food businesses. It offers advice for a retail food operator to minimize their risk by having a plan, and knowing where to find help in the event of a foodborne illness outbreak or food-product recall.

The I-FIIT-RR video offers quality and comprehensive training to retail food establishments across the United States. For regulators, it can be a valuable tool to offer businesses, and local facilities can get quick, easy access that ultimately builds improved outbreak investigation and recall response understanding and strengthens partnerships between industry and regulatory agencies.

The online video is available on the NEHA e-Learning site.  

Professional Food Manager, FDA Code, Food Safety Management


Updated to the 2013 FDA Food Code, NEHA’s recently released 4th edition of Professional Food Manager provides vital information on topics such as the key principles of food safety management and how to use these principles to create a food safety culture. It also provides information on how to identify and avoid different contaminants, the importance of cleaning and sanitizing, with guidelines for each, guidelines to follow throughout an inspection, and a new appendix that includes Food Code Employee Health Charts.

The Professional Food Manager and the Professional Food Manager Trainer Resources, are designed to assist industry professionals pass a Conference for Food Protection/ American National Standards Institute (CFP/ANSI)-approved examination while helping to ensure the continued successful execution of food safety best practices in the workplace. 

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